Dragon's BiographyEdit

Dragon was a Smart and Serious kid. He always listens to his parents. He was pretty strict to most of his friends and was a dreamer too. He always wanted to learn and play with Pokemon. The thing that made him Happy was pokemon and playing with them. When he got older he started to begin his own journey. He was mostly hoping to become an Elite Trainer and Champion. So Dragon can be a little angry so be careful with him.

Dragon's AccomplishmentsEdit

Nev City Gym

  • Defeated Landi in Nev City

Dragon's PartyEdit



  • Level 7
  • Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun (Current moves)
  • Attack: 16
  • HP: 24


  • Level 9
  • Scratch, Leer, Ember (Current moves)
  • Attack: 22
  • HP: 21