Welcome to Professor Oak's Lab. Please visit if you have recently came from Trainer Creator. Professor Oak will tell you of all the basics.


Professor Oak: Ah, welcome child. I am Professor Oak. I am impressed with the Pokemon you chose. Now, here is five PokeBalls for you to watch Pokemon with, and 3000 PokeDollars. *hands the player the PokeBalls and money* Now, is there anything you need help with? Do you know how to roleplay? Feel free to ask any time! Also, visit the Rules page and feel free to return to the Starting Off page. :)

Mia: *walks into the lab* Here! I got the Caterpie! *hands him the PokeBall*

Professor Oak: Thank you. *gives her 300 PokeDollars.*

Missions Completed TrainersEdit

  1. Mia:1st
  2. Cassidy: 2cd