This is all about Sonic and his Pokemon Party.

Sonic's BiographyEdit

Sonic was quite the stubborn kid in his youth. he was a single child whose father was away on buisness and a mother who cares more about housework then her son. Sonic's father was the only thing that kept Sonic happy. now he's a total jerk who is obssesed with winning and will do anything to make sure his opponent's Pokemon are critically injured. Sonic tends to take things way to far in Pokemon Battles. Sonic hates beginning Pokemon Trainers as he believes they are to soft. but since he is just starting out, could Sonic be considered a softy?. nowhone wants to say that to his face. he'll make sure your Pokemon pay the price!

Sonic's AccomplishmentsEdit

Sonic's PartyEdit



  • Level 5
  • Scratch, Leer (Current Attacks)
  • 10 Attack
  • 20 HP