Welcome to the Online Pokemon Battle community. It is advised you follow these steps before starting on your journey.


  • Visit the Trainer Creator page, and follow the necessary steps.
  • Then, click on Professor Oak's Lab and he will give you a few things, and ask him all the questions you need to be answered.
  • Want to check out some of the Elite Trainers you can battle? Click on Elite Trainers or battle your friends at Trainer Battles.
  • Check the Missions page for some things you can do for benifiting purposes.
  • Level up your Pokemon, by strengethening them in one of our areas . You can also catch Pokemon with your PokeBalls there.
  • When your Pokemon are strong enough, visit the Elite Trainer's seperate pages to battle 'em.


Roleplaying is what you need to do when battling, doing missions and a whole lot of other things. It is how you get about on this wiki.

Basic Steps.

  • To make your character do, or say something, write down their name in the correct page you can them in the edit section, and put a colon after it. This is an example below.


  • If they are saying something, write down the text after the colon. Please use proper English, spelling and grammar. This is an example below.

Henry: I like running!

  • If they are doing something, like jogging, put that in as an action. Make sure the action goes between to asterisks. This is an example below.

Henry: *jogging* I like running!

Pokemon Battles

While you are exploring, or battling, you will come across with a Pokemon Battle. This is how to do it.

  • Follow the previous steps above. This is an example below.

Henry: *throws out PokeBall* Piplup! I choose you!

  • Then, the opponent will release their Pokemon, or if it is just a random forest battle, the Pokemon will do random attacks. This is an example below.

Rattata: *prepared for battle* Rattata!

  • Now, it is time for the moves. This is an example below. And don't use super powerful moves, if your Pokemon isn't that powerful. You will be given a few moves, and what level your Pokemon starts as. If you even try to use a move that your Pokemon hasn't learnt, you will likely be banned. This is an example below. Heny's Piplup has learned Bubble Beam, so it can use it.

Henry: Piplup! Use Bubble Beam!

  • Me, and other admins, will decide how much damage it will inflict, and if it misses or not.

Now if you still need help, please contact me.