The Elite Trainers are the people you should be aiming at defeating. To beat them, you will have to level up and strengthen your Pokemon, until you think they are ready. You can battle them at any time. But warning, they may be PokePowerful! It is suggested you should have your Pokemon a few levels higher before battling.


Zachary is the first Elite Trainer you must beat. He specialises in Water Pokemon. His party includes Staravia, Gyrados, Staryu and Goldeen. All of his Pokemon are level 10.

  • Staravia - Level 10 - 40 HP - 18 Attack
  • Gyrados - Level 10 - 40 HP - 22 Attack
  • Staryu - Level 10 - 40 HP - 20 Attack
  • Goldeen - Level 10 - 40 HP - 16 Attack


Mila is the second Elite Trainer you must beat. She specialises in Electric Pokemon. Her party includes Raichu, Voltorb, Jolteon and Zapdos. All of her Pokemon are level 25.